Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mama got bit by the Lego bug!

A few months back, Legoboy picked up a Sorry game from Once Upon A Child - lego-style (not official legos, but they are compatible). Well, the game was a dud.

Not to mention the thing I call a Giant Lego Tick that can move another's piece across the board.

Well, I think the Giant Lego Tick bit me.

Because I saw THIS at the Lego Store - and fell in love:
Just over 9 inches tall.
Yeah, I want the Tower of Orthanc set now - just for him! 

While waiting to save up money for it (Legoboy's job), it's just been niggling at me --- a friend recently gifted us some discretionary money for Legos and I thought, "Why wait?"  So we picked up a few small things today - all on sale - BONUS! The rest is going towards the Tower of Orthanc set.

He got an eagle to assemble and a Chima keychain - and a small bucket from the Wall of Bricks (discounted because we re-used our tub).

Oh, and it's double VIP points this month too. So he can save up even faster! (normally 1 point for every dollar spent; $5 gift card when 100 points are reached).

Me? I had fun ;) This is what I get for having a Lego-maniac for a child ;)
I'd've picked up Tree Beard if they had him in stock.
Our Lady is connected with Frodo... read the books and note the dates!
Springtime scene!
(perfect fun for the half-price!)
Summer was not available; Fall and Thanksgiving are too much $ full-price.

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