Friday, November 26, 2010

Kids Workshops at Home Depot

Ok, so this post won't be so much about creativity - but more about just the building fun.

Home Depot has a Kids Workshop the first Saturday of every month - every Home Depot has it. The employees are always really friendly; it's kid-friendly without being all cartoony and ga-ga about stuff. Just down to earth wood with hammer and nails - and pound away! ;)

The kids show up anytime between 9 and noon - they are given a kit, lent a pair of goggles, wood glue and hammer - and they go at it. 

While this one goes at it, anyway! I hold the far edge to help with the pounding. He reads the instructions and follows them to a T - all by himself (I'm the chaperone!).

The really cool part? Did you ever want to wear one of those bright orange apron without the commitment of actually having to show up at Home Depot for an actual job???? Oh come on - you know it crossed your mind!

Well.... the children all get their own apron! When they complete the project, they also receive a pin with an image of that project - to collect on their way cool ORANGE aprons!

I'm not personally super-excited about "picture frames" for the December project, and I was ok with the fireboat in November. I am personally excited about November's spice rack, though - so practical - so many uses (we've put everything in it for testing purposes, EXCEPT spices!) - and it's something for which I can cut the pieces to his own measurements and he can make in as many different ways and quantities as he likes!

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