Monday, August 9, 2010

Crossing the Deadly Desert

"We are going to cross the Deadly Desert!"
Inspired by: The Road to Oz - Chapter: "The Deadly Desert Crossed" by L Frank Baum

Toto in the lead
Gillikens (red)
Winkies (yellow)
Munchkins (blue)
Two birds from the Nome King
Maidens (green)
People of Ev (purple), whom the Nome King had enchanted; 
the spell was broken by the people of Oz who crossed the Deadly Desert by the use of the Magic Carpet
(the People of Ev live outside of Oz)
Billina (the hen) and her chicks
A few animals from our world
Emperor of the Winkies is in the way back
For those unfamiliar with the story - there are 14 books in the Oz series.
Check them out here on Wikipedia

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